We lived in Mexico for two years and below is a small collection of purely amateur videos I made during our stay.

Avons vécu au Mexique pendant 2 ans et ceci et un petit receuil de mes films assemblés ici.


3:13 min.
Visit of Corona Distillery in Torreon, Mexico


0:37 min.
Eating Ant Larvas in Mexico City.


0:49 min.
Eating Chapullines (grasshopers) in Tepozlan, Mexico.
0:40 min.
Mini desert storm with many tumble weeds in Torreon, Mexico.


2:23 min.
Corrida (bull fight) in Torreon, Mexico.


We lived in St. Maarten for two years and this island was simply beautiful.

0:59 min.
Diving with sharks in St.Maarten



1:17 min.
Roaches in my kitchen. St.Maarten.


Trinidad & Tobago! The island of parties and fiestas!

1:51 min.
Picture slide movie of parties in Trinidad
0:14 min.
Leather back turtle nesting in Trinidad.


Malaysia! Our first teaching position abroad.
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