1- Lonelyplanet
The biggest and ultimate source of information for travellers. My favorite site and travel book for over 15 years.

2- Travellerspoint
An interesting independant travel site where you can log on your trips, meet people and find all the infomation you want about your next trip.

3- Couchsurfing
An amazing site where you can find local people all over the world willing to give you a couch or a bed to crash for a night or more! A good way to travel cheap & meet interesting locals.

4- Canadian Governement Travel advice
To verify if there are any travel advisories for the places you are going to.

5- Kayak
My best travel site for buying plane tickets. I rarely see price cheaper else where.

The best travel app you need on your tablet. 100% free and download all necessary maps on your phone when you have WiFi.

My other best travel site for booking good, clean and affordable hostels around the world.