Where is Andorra?

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We drove to Andorra and there was a nice change of temperature from Barcelona and Costa Brava. From hot beach temperature to chilly fresh air. Although Andorra la Vella had nothing impressive (only shopping), we stayed in Ordino at the foot of the Pyrénées. From our apartment, we could see snow peaked mountains. 

I ran the Andorra Ultra trail run. This was a 35km run in the Pyrénées with over 5500m of denivelation. It was a brutal race for my quadriceps (on the way down), but the clear views of the peaks were breathtaking. I completed the run in 6h58, and ranked 195th over 600+ participants.   You can see a movie here.
On that same weekend (same race), some of the top ultra marathoners in the world were there running 90km, 130km or even 190km! (visit official page here)

My legs were sore for over 7 days after this run!
We also drove to a 2500m bowl and enjoyed over 2m of snow on the ground.

There were still some hardcore skiers hiking there way up to ski the last patches of snow!

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